Thursday, September 5, 2013

Take backup of your Android phone

Always you might be wondering that how to take backup of your phone if your Phone manufacturer does not provide you backup software. Also you may have seen option of "Backup password" in your Android phone. Do you wonder what's that ?

Following is the way to backup your Android phone and it will answer all your above questions.

1). You need to have "adb" tool in your system. If you don't know what's this, then simply install Android SDK in your system by following procedure on If you don't want to install whole SDK then just search for adb on google and just download single file for adb.

2). Once USB debugging is on, connect your phone to your PC. Go to the directory where "adb" is placed. Now on the command prompt or terminal write command "adb devices" (for Linux "./adb devices"). The output of the command should list your device with its serial number. If device is not listed then go here and do the settings needed for your device.

3). Now once your device is listed in "adb devices", give command " adb backup -apk -shared -all" (For Linux "./adb.."). This command will ask for confirmation on your phone. Give confirmation and password if you want to encrypt backup file on your phone screen. This will backup everything on your phone including data on your memory card. In your current directory backup.ab file will be created. Keep it safe.

4). When you want to restore your backup after factory reset of your phone, connect your phone and give command "adb restore <your backupfile location>". You will need to provide password on screen of phone if backup file is encrypted. Now wait till command completes its task and you have prompt available again.

That's it. You have your data back again. Enjoy !

Let me know if you have any problems.